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Nothing happens by chance at this Las Vegas tattoo shop.

Luck might be the one thing Las Vegas visitors all agree on when they visit sin city. But you can leave it at the door when you visit Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co. Las Vegas. Our passion leaves nothing up to chance. We’re serious about our work. And we’re proud of the relentless dedication we have to get it done.

Our shop is home to legendary Las Vegas tattoo artists. Since Founder Carey Hart opened in 2004, we’ve inked thousands of clients, many of which we call friends. We’ve seen the same faces return year after year, building on their pieces and commemorating moments in their lives. No matter what craziness happens on the strip, here, our artists, clients and friends are all right at home. 

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Artist Feature

Lea Vendetta—A Model Artist.

There are those who are shining examples of how Hart & Huntington approaches the artistry of tattooing, then there are those who embody the tattoo culture, living it personally in beautiful and inspiring ways. Lea is both.

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News and Events

Give your tattoo a shot of something legendary.

These tattoos are made from something you’ve never seen before. You can become a part of the legend.

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